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Big Dog 4 Legs Bodysuit

Big Dog 4 Legs Bodysuit

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Say goodbye to the cone of shame! Our versatile bodysuit is designed to control shedding and protect the abdominal area for dogs and cats who have been spayed or neutered, providing extra protection.

This cute bodysuit can be worn year-round and has a classic and trendy appearance. Its easy on-and-off design ensures that it stays in place even on the most active pets. It also allows for convenient bathroom breaks without removing the suit.

-Prevents pets from licking wounds, skin conditions, hot spots, allergies, and infections
-Provides UV protection for pets who enjoy sunbathing
-Protects against mud, debris, ticks, burrs, and stickers
-Controls shedding
-Relieves anxiety
-Aids in healing after surgery by preventing irritation to stitches, wounds, and medicated areas
-Prevents hot spots and coat damage
-Provides protection for injuries, rashes, and surgical sites
-Protects against snow.