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Frenchie Print Tank

Frenchie Print Tank

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Nothing is better wearing adorable matching outfit with your best friend in your life. These would make an awesome gift for those inseparable best buddy in your life

Details: Very breathable fabric! You and your pet will enjoy wearing this across all seasons because of their comfort, cute and lasting quality.

Material: Made from lightweight cotton. It is soft and comfy. WE GUARANTEE you will love it!

Sweatshirt size for PET: Please refer to the size chart. It is ideal for standard size of frenchies and boston terrier. Material is stretch so even big french bulldog is able to fit in.

Sweatshirt size for HUMAN: We have finally found the perfect fit for all furry kid parents! One size fits all. It is unisex. Roomy fit style that is not fitted, and yet not sack. You can tuck in to allow your waist line to be seen, or keep loose-fitting top from hanging on your figure and gives a nonchalant, casual feel. Tip: Half-tuck is a good little trick if you want to look more polished and flattering way:)