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Popcorn and Chill Owner and Pet Matching Set

Popcorn and Chill Owner and Pet Matching Set

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If you have to walk your dogs, why dont you show your style at the dog parks, cafe, or anywhere you go!

Our new popcorn and chill matching sweater is literally a perfect matching set for your VIP movie night with your soul pet. This pastel striped popcorn sweater will make you and your pet the center of attention and stay warm for a fresh new look this fall or winter season.

Material: Made of comfy scuba knit, it is known for keeping warm while minimize the wrinkle.

Owner Sweater: Oversize design design for everyone. That mean you can buy to everyone without struggling to guess their size.

This are made-to-order, meaning i don’t have a warehouse of ready-to-ship items. This allows me to have more room to offer more unique designs...that you cant get in everywhere else.