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Corgi Portrait Car AC Vent Clip Plaster Diffuser

Corgi Portrait Car AC Vent Clip Plaster Diffuser

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The product is naturally fragrance-free. Ship in the color as shown in the picture. If you desire a custom paint job, please choose the custom option.

To imbue it with a delightful scent, simply apply the perfume/essential oil evenly to its surface. The plaster will absorb the essential oil, emanating a pleasant fragrance.

Please note that the product isn't intended to disperse aroma throughout a large area; instead, it's designed to provide an enjoyable fragrance in the immediate vicinity of the product.

Attached with AC vent clip. Fill up your favorite essential oil by putting a few drop of essential oil at the back.

100% Handmade for every single details.

Material: plaster sculpture

Custom Portrait Requirement: Please send at least 5 different angle in bright lighting