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Funny Halloween Zombie Headband

Funny Halloween Zombie Headband

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We cant promise on the quality for these halloween headband as it is absolutely 'just for good laugh' costume. If you have quality concern, again, DO NOT PURCHASE IT. The material is made from plastic and can be used for every Halloween (if your pup doesnt damage or bite it).

Absolutely cheap thrills! This will be the best eye-catcher costume. It is so simple to wear on. Only 3 seconds (On our french bulldog)

Great for both human, kids, dogs , cats and pets!

Whether you are looking for something funny for halloween, Christmas, thanksgiving party, cosplay party, dog show, we are pretty sure this funny headband will grab a lot of attention .....because we tried on our frenchie and it truly made people day:)

Perfect for greeting trick-or-treaters at the door or for a stroll around the neighborhood. It’s also ideal for the dog who doesn’t like wearing a full Halloween costume and is sure to brighten up plenty of likes on your social media posts!