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Fleece lining Tweed Post Surgical Skin Protector Bodysuit

Fleece lining Tweed Post Surgical Skin Protector Bodysuit

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Important note: If you are debating whether to go big or small, please order small.

Say no to cone! This versatile suit is design to control shedding and protect the abdominal panel for dog or cat that have been spayed/neutered for extra protection.

Our cute bodysuit is able to be worn year round while looking classic and trendy. Easy to put on and take off design will help stay in place on the most active dogs/cats. The design also allows them to conveniently go to the bathroom without having to remove the suit.

Made from a non-toxic, fleece yet stretch fabric that is machine washable for reuse.

Help prevent pets from licking wounds, skin conditions, hot spots, allergies and infection
UV protection for dogs that like sun tanning
Mud/Debris protection
Tick, burr & sticker prevention
Shedding control
Anxiety relief
Healing after surgery (prevent irritation to stitches, wounds & medicated areas)
Hot spot prevention
Coat damage prevention
Injury, rash & surgical site protection
Snow protection